Archive of December 2004 – spyware news and solutions

Iolo Technologies, makers of a line of computer tools, has launched a new resource – This new online resource offers the latest spyware information, news, and details about new and existing forms of spyware. Iolo Technologies’ latest PC tool kit, System Mechanic 5, includes Spython (yes – same name as the online spyware resource […]

Web Hosting – more storage demands at lower costs

It seems like “everyone” is needing web hosting space. Businesses are of course using more and more web space but also individuals. According to CTO Michael Brunson, who oversees web host’s hosting operation “The advent of Blogging and flawlessly-easy-home-web publishing has sent a surge of new demand through the hosting industry.” (Zipa team – […]

Customer Service: Humans or Computers

Customer service is very important for businesses that want to have satisfied customers. Web host Rack Space does not even have an annoying voice mail menu but uses live customer service representatives. However, that is the exception to the rule. When wanting to reach customer service at most companies, big and small, you often find […]

Book: Securing Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 is in use by thousands and thousands of businesses around the world but the scary thing is that hackers know that there are many ways to break into Windows Servers and attack your network. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is more than just a thoroughly modern PC-based server operating system. The product arrives […]

Solar Power for your gadgets

Battery life is one of the biggest limitations for mobile devices. PDAs last for days at a time as they are not used as much or extensively as other devices. But notebook computers, cell phones, smart phones and other things consume a lot of juice – especially when in use and not on “stand by”. […]

Open Source: Maybe “free” is not better

There’s many software products such as OpenOffice and Star Office that are “free” or very low cost and compete head to head with Microsoft Office and other programs. I’ve tried these open source programs and find that for most tasks they work fine, but the problem often comes when working with what other businesses use […]

Review: Wireless for Dial Up Users

In November I alerted you to Always On Wireless’ WiFlyer. It is a device a bit larger than a PDA and enables a computer to wirelessly connect to a dial-up connection. DIAL-UP YOU SAY…? Remember, although millions of businesses are snapping up DSL and cable connections there’s MILLIONS of Americans that still use dial-up as […]