Anti-virus App on Your Mobile Phone

Although getting a virus on your mobile phone is very unlikely, Trend Micro is getting ahead of the curve and offering a solution for free until June 2005. With mobile devices being connected to corporate networks, more and more, ensuring ALL POINTS of entry to your network are protected is important so always make sure you back up your mobile data and for added protection keep it virus free.
PC World writes The product works like other antivirus software, spotting mobile threats using signatures developed by Trend Micro. The software will protect mobile devices from new threats in “real time,” as malicious code attempts to install itself on mobile devices. Users can also scan storage devices inserted into supported phones, or initiate scans of the mobile device manually.
New antivirus and antispam signatures can be uploaded to the mobile device using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), a wireless communication service for connecting mobile phones to the Internet that is common in third generation wireless (3G) devices. Alternatively, updates can be transferred using Microsoft’s Activesync, he says.
Trend Micro’s Mobile Security software will support a wide range of devices that run the Windows Mobile 2003 or Symbian OS v.7.0 operating systems. A version of the product for phones running Windows Mobile, including the Motorola MPx200, O2 XPhone, and Orange SA SPV C500, is already available. Trend Micro plans to have a version for phones that use the Symbian operating system by January 2005, including support for the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications P800, P900 and P910, and Motorola A920, A925, and A1000, Trend Micro says.
Trend Micro will also release a version of the software for mobile phones and PDAs running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC-Phone Edition in January.
Version 1.0 will expire in June, when the company plans to have a software update available that will add new features including firewall and data encryption features, Thiemann says.