Building a Reseller Channel? You need a reseller channel management solution.

Smart companies, know that in order to expand the reach of their products and services it’s very important to have a reseller channel. Of course some companies like Dell go direct, but even Dell has resellers selling their computer systems., the king of direct has a huge network of affiliates selling its many products. Why?
These companies know that while direct and retail shelf space is important, having “feet on the street” (resellers) who know local customers is also very important.
As you build a reseller program it’s important that you have the tools to build it correctly. You need to know who your resellers are, which ones are selling, which ones are not, what support material they need, enable them to issue quotes and so many other things.

Analog Method
today announced, Channeltivity, a hosted solution to help companies manage their reseller channels. By using Channeltivity, companies can communicate more effectively with channel partners and collect business intelligence – thus increasing revenue and reducing cost.
By providing a low-cost, easy-to-deploy extranet environment for managing and distributing content, Channeltivity gives resource-conscious companies the ability to work with their partners to reach customers more effectively. Channeltivity also provides business intelligence tools for tracking, reporting and analyzing partner activity and determining which content is of most interest. Channeltivity is available as either a hosted or enterprise solution.
“Through our work designing, developing and deploying partner extranets, we realized that there was an unmet need in the market,” said Zach Smith, co-founder of Analog Method. “Companies with time and budget constraints simply didn’t have a good out-of-the-box option for working with channel partners online. Several of our clients requested a cost-effective solution – the result is Channeltivity.”
Most existing solutions for managing channel partners and programs are designed for large companies, and are often expensive, difficult to deploy and include features that are not needed by small to mid-sized businesses. Because Analog Method created Channeltivity to meet the real needs of real businesses working with real partners, it meets the critical requirements of its customers better than alternative solutions.
“We needed a way to connect with our customers, distributors and partners worldwide,” said Throop Wilder, vice president of marketing at Crossbeam Systems. “The available alternatives were either overkill, overpriced or both. Channeltivity has provided us with the capabilities we need and a price that makes sense. It has had a huge return on investment and now I can’t imagine doing business without it.”
By providing an affordable, flexible and extensible solution, Channeltivity helps businesses do business better by improving the flow of information to their channel partners and collecting real-time business data on the partner extranet activity. As a result, small to mid-sized companies can realize measurable gains and a higher return-on-investment through increased and more efficient partner productivity –critical yardsticks for businesses of any size.