Built in Microsoft Windows Security: Don’t Become Complacent

Microsoft is reportedly going to offer, eventually, built in anti-virus security into Windows. It already offers a basic, but decent, firewall built into Windows XP (have you updated to XP Service Pack 2), now it has reportedly purchase a small company, Giant Company Software, which makes anti-spyware products.
It is VERY GOOD that Microsoft will bundle into Windows these basic security applications but DO NOT RELY ONLY ON MICROSOFT to manage your security. While Microsoft’s firewall is decent it is still best to install a hardware based firewall product for your network. While Microsoft’s anti-virus product might be pretty good, I would still suggest you keep a robust third party anti-virus tool until its proven that Microsoft’s AV tool is good.
USA Today writes Microsoft has said it plans to turn GeCad’s technology into a subscription anti-virus service but has shown little progress toward that goal, analysts say.
Microsoft’s hesitancy to declare its long-term intentions in the tech-security space highlight the profound dilemma forced upon the world’s largest software maker by rising cyberattacks.
Some security experts say Microsoft should build basic anti-virus and anti-spyware protection into its dominant Windows computer operating system. But the software giant has been careful to keep its options open, because offering anti-virus and anti-spyware as subscription services could emerge as a vast revenue source.