Business PC vendors ratings: Average

Sadly none of the top tier computer manufacturers (Dell, IBM, Gateway, HP) received high marks for reliability of their PCs in the annual PC World reliability survey of 42,000+ readers.
Compaq and HP received below average rating for their PCs, while Dell, Gateway, IBM and Sony received average ratings.
For the eleventh year, PC World, the most widely-read computer or business magazine, surveyed its subscribers to gauge the overall reliability and service of PC vendors. For the second year, the study also rated peripherals: printers, digital cameras, wireless gateways, and audio players. The article is featured in the January 2005 issue and is available on newsstands now.
Since the last survey, published in PC World’s December 2003 issue responses show that as the PC industry matures and products become more reliable, phone service generally continues to frustrate users. As in years past, a common complaint was a difficulty in understanding the service representatives, many of whom are located in foreign countries. However, IBM’s notebook PC group received high marks for support from satisfied owners, as do independent, locally owned mom-and-pop stores.