Circuit City and Gateway join hands

I was in Circuit City last night and was drooling at all the great technology around me. Direct sales are great and Dell, and others have proven that. However, there’s nothing like SEEING a nice, shiny, new notebook computer or desktop computer to influence a buying decision.
What would be REAL nice, but I don’t know if there is a market to support this, if there was a BUSINESS center in retail stores, like Gateway had in its retail stores that businesses could visit to see business technology demonstrations.
Continuing to increase the availability of its computers, Gateway, Inc. today announced that its PCs will be offered by Circuit City. Starting next month, Gateway notebook and desktop PCs will be available at more than 600 Circuit City stores in 160 markets nationwide.
Circuit city will offer a complete assortment of Gateway notebook and desktop PCs. Details about the products will be announced in January when they are available for sale.
“Expanding Gateway’s retail distribution was a key part of our strategy for 2004,” said Wayne Inouye, Gateway’s president and CEO. “The strong acceptance of Gateway by top retailers and their customers this year validates the strength of the brand and its unique value proposition. We are pleased that Gateway products will be available on the shelves of Circuit City, one of the nation’s largest retailers of PCs and consumer electronics products.”
“The introduction of Gateway products allows Circuit City to offer its customers more choices when it comes to making a PC purchase decision,” said Doug Moore, senior vice president and general merchandising manager at Circuit City. “We are excited to add Gateway’s well-known, high-quality brand to our assortment.”
The fastest growing retail PC company in the United States(1), Gateway now offers its PCs at leading U.S. consumer electronics retailers as well as several major retailers in Japan and Mexico.