Consolidation – make sure your business partners with success

One thing YOU can not help or often know about ahead of time is when a company, namely a vendor you work with is bought or merges with another company. Some things you can do to protect yourself.
1. Get everything that is owed to you as part of any contractual obligation in writing
2. Do not just know one sales rep, have several points of contact at the company, especially your main contact’s supervisor. If one of your contacts is fired, then hopefully your secondary contact will still be around
3. Keep your fingers on the pulse of the company as best you can. Try to get a sense of what’s happening – before it happens.
There’s GOING to be more consolidation but who – only God knows and the senior company executives who are now meeting in secret locations planning the next big sale or merger.
News Factor writes IBM’s reported plan to sell off its personal computer business may mark the end of an era, but it comes as no great surprise. Analysts had predicted consolidation in the PC market, where margins are razor-thin. More such sales are likely.