Dear business owner, CRM vendor Siebel wants you real bad.

Dear “small-medium sized” business owner, get used to the attention – companies are drooling to reach you. The huge, big, large businesses are saturated with sales teams and have such long buying cycles that the rush of IT vendors to develop an “SMB” marketing plan is increasing.

News Factor writes In addition to building a dedicated sales organization focused on the small and mid-size market, Siebel says it has enlisted resellers and channel partners worldwide that have expertise and market presence with SMBs.
“Small- and medium-sized organizations have an unmet need for proven, complete CRM solutions Latest News about CRM solutions that enable them to upgrade from spreadsheets, home-grown contact management tools or legacy software systems they are currently using,” said Bruce Cleveland, senior vice president and general manager, OnDemand and SMB.

Selling to SMBs is really not that hard if you are WILLING to do what it takes to reach them.
1) You have to put on your SERVANT hat and train your front line employees that THEY (the employees) are not king and don’t know it all
2) You MUST think out of the box in your marketing and reach SMBs where they are influenced at – consultants is ONE of many touch points
3) Your support MUST be stellar. When someone calls for help don’t push them off and try to get rid of them. SOLVE the problem.
There’s more but this is a good starting point.