“e-business” – it’s more than the Internet

When your business is very paper intensive and manual you need to get every efficiency you can. E.D. Smith & Sons, a Canadian food manufacturer and leading maker of jams and pie fillings, has successfully reduced cumbersome and expensive manual output processes by 50%.
With the help of IBM’s Infoprint Server for iSeries and Infoprint Server software, E.D. Smith & Sons has reduced the need to print, handle and stuff envelopes related to purchase orders, invoicing, and supply chain communications. The company distributes a significant number of its business documents electronically via EDI and e-mail, effectively improving reliability, increasing throughput and reducing overall output costs.
Often times we think of “e-business” and other terms as Internet only marvels but many businesses are not concerned about the Internet. Their concerns are about their inventory, purchase orders, faxed invoices and etc.
Dell, Amazon.com and others (sorry for using these guys as examples so much) are masters are digitizing as much information as they can and letting computers do what they do best.
What about your business. Can you SAVE MONEY and DO MORE by reducing your reliance on paper and other manual processes?