E-Mail Doesn’t Take a Holiday

What do you do with your email when you are on vacation? Do you check your email? Do you not check your email?
The NY Times writes For those unhappy about devoting their first back-to-work hours to a tedious slog through an overflowing in-box, there are other strategies for dealing with postvacation glut. An obvious one is to clean out the in-box while on vacation, using a laptop, hand-held device, hotel computer or Internet cafe.
“Today’s reliance on e-mail has changed the nature of vacation,” said James E. Katz, director of the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Rutgers University.
If you do clean your in-box, he said, you’re “defeating the purpose of vacation, which is to get away from the office and do something different.”
If you don’t, “you have to work twice as hard when you come back,” he said. “And while you are responding to those, new ones come flooding in.” In some ways, he said, “you are punished for taking vacation, by out-of-control e-mails.”