The FAKE war between Mozilla and Microsoft

I’m sorry to break it to you, but “the Media” has it wrong. There is NO war between Microsoft and Mozilla. Sure, millions have downloaded Mozilla’s new products, but think about a few things.
1. Out of those millions I’m sure hundreds of thousands or more are repeat downloads due to unsuccesful first attempts and/or one person downloading multiple times to different devices. I will download Thunderbird (Mozilla’s new email client) three times, my Gateway Notebook, my 2 Dell Desktops.
2. Also keep in mind the geeks and nerds are those who are downloading the latest applications, NOT the every day user who just uses what comes loaded on their computers. Now, when the ISPs and other gateways (PC vendors, telecommunication companies, AOL, etc) start marketing Microsoft competitors THEN Microsoft might have a problem
3. The other thing to remember is this. Mozilla is a USER support organization, Microsoft is a corporate entity with BILLIONS of dollars to spend. Microsoft has a few things going for it that Mozilla does not have 1) a lot of money 2) brand recognition 3) sustainability 4) an army of resellers/consultants
Sorry, but the MEDIA has got it wrong, this (right now) is not a war. It COULD turn into one, but it’s not one yet. Take a look at Linux, it’s been around for years but only recently are more and more companies starting to look at it, and it STILL has a long way to go before catching up to Microsoft.