For the NON technology experts ONLY

For many people technology is a mysterious and confusing world. Sure, they can type some letters, click here and there and print out a few documents, but for the most part if things do not work the way they should – many of these users get stuck. Sometimes, we tech guys and gals think that everyone should know how to install a printer, get a crashing program running again or etc. But most people ONLY use technology they don’t know how it works, or even what USB means.

USA Today columnist Edward Baig writes a column made just for those who are NOT technically literate. He writes writes Long ago, I was told there was no such thing as a stupid question. That’s especially sage advice to anyone trying to navigate the tech world. All you need to do is peek at the unfriendly terms in holiday circulars and other ads to recognize how tech and jargon go hand in hand.
There’s surely no shame in not knowing the difference between a megapixel and a megabyte. Trust me: You’re not alone.
So consider this the first installment of Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Technology ? But Were Afraid To Ask. This week, I’ll try to demystify the gobbledygook you’ll come across in buying a computer. In some future columns, I’ll tackle wireless, digital TV, digital photography (where you’ll learn all about those megapixels), etc. Let class begin.