GOOGLE – it can do so much if you let it

Last week, I was searching for a programmer who could enable my Avantgo HTML file to display two different ways – one for my Avantgo channel (plan HMTL no navigation bars and etc) and one for (with navigation bars, advertising and etc). I use for writing my news which is fed to Avantgo, to, and my RSS feeds.
I asked Avantgo/Sybase for help and they said it might take them several days (or longer) to get a quote to me.
I did what I should have done from the start – I went to Google for help. I typed “avantgo programmer job resume”. Guess what? I got several pages of programmers that did wireless/PDA and more importantly, Avantgo programming!
I clicked through three pages and emailed about 5 programmers for help. The last resume I saw was that of Frederic Raab. I called him and several minutes later my solution (easy for a programmer to do) was emailed to me. Without Google – could I have found my solution? Not as easy.
1. If you want information on the Web use the power of search engines
2. It is important to put the right search keywords together – I had several versions of my search query and only found the right combination, “avantgo programmer job resume” after trial and error. I also had a typo and that hurt initial search results.
3. Google and overall search engine market is more than “search” it’s commerce and brining people and information together.