Ignoring the web? YOU are MISSING out.

Only about two years ago, I did not feel that every business had to have a web site. However, with so many consumers now using the internet as a way to everything, including local businesses your web site is a must. Beyond a glorified sales brochure, your web site can also be used as a high-powered communication tool and hub of services for your customers, partners and employees.
Business Week writes Like March, some entrepreneurs remain reluctant to spend money establishing a presence on the Web, figuring the Internet isn’t a fit with their niche or business model. But at the same time, increasing numbers are discovering that not only is a Web site mandatory but if marketed aggressively and used effectively, it can enhance visibility — and the bottom line.
Mark Stillman, managing partner of an Atlanta-based restaurant group called 101 Concepts, was another online latecomer. His restaurants had individual Web sites where menus, directions, and hours were posted, but not much else.
That changed this year, when his wife heard about an online table-reservation service that some competitors were using. “She showed me their sites and said, ‘You have to do this, too!'” Stillman recalls.