Inside a techie’s home office

There is a clear difference between the home office of a techie and a corporate office. In a home office – you put in every tool and gadget that will make your life as productive as possible plus more. In a corporate office, you get what you are given for the most part.
ZD Net’s Rafe Needleman gives us a peak and rundown of the tools in his home office.
He writes Because I work for CNET, you might think that I write my column on the coolest work tools known to humankind, all perfectly arranged in my corporate office. Not so. When I want to work at peak effectiveness, I head home and hole up in my home office, where the technology suite is custom-made by me, for me–and paid for by me, too.
There are many reasons my home office is an easy place to work. Curious? Read on for my office exposÈ, where I share what’s in my lair and offer a few tips on how to create your own top-notch office. And if you want to share what’s in your home office, jump to the end.