The Keys to Microsoft’s Success: Its Developers

Microsoft has succeeded as it courts an army of developers who make products for its Windows operating system. From small developers who post their latest creations for download as shareware, to consulting companies who create custom software, to marquee name brands like Intuit and thousands of other companies who make Windows based software and in fact who have their own developers for their products also.
Another large pool of Microsoft developers are those who develop for Microsoft Office, which in and of itself is a development platform. Developers create many add-on products to make Microsoft Office do more and Microsoft will have its first Microsoft Office System Developer Conference in February according to Info World
The Info World articles reads This is to train developers on Office System products and technologies, and it?s really an opportunity to learn about the Office System directly from those who built it,? said Adam LeVasseur, group product manager for the information workgroup product management group at Microsoft. The company?s message about Office is that it is ?a genuine platform for enterprise solutions,? LeVasseur said.