Marqui – it will revolutionize your content distribution

I was reading David Strom’s latest writing and he was reviewing Marqui’s new content publishing/management tool. I was so impressed I went to their web site

If you have content that must be a) approved by various persons (legal, marketing, CEO, etc) b) published on different platforms (PDA, web site, news wires, etc) then Marqui is for you. RIGHT NOW – check out the very nice demo (go ahead – I’ll wait for you). I promise. DEMO
See what I mean, it’s an ideal solution for fast growing companies that consider content VERY important to them. As a growing company you need to LEVERAGE technology and not be a slave to it. Sure you can manually try to ensure that the latest version of your latest press release has been approved by 3 people and then properly distributed to 10 different outlets but let technology do it for you and get it done right the first and every time. Let me know what you think of Marqui please.