Microsoft on verge of releasing Small Business Server PR Toolkit

In its continued effort to help its “Small Business Server” (SBS) reseller channel get more media attention Microsoft is releasing a public relations tool kit for sellers of MS SBS reports Harry Brelsford, Editor, Small Business Server Newsletter.
He writes Microsoft is just days away from releasing a comprehensive public relations (PR) toolkit that allows SBS consultants to “make noise” and generate demand. Constructed by the Microsoft Partner program in conjunction with Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s worldwide PR agency), this ten-page document is extremely well-written, based on an advanced copy we were allowed to review. For those with a business background, this is the type of document a marketing MBA alumni from the Kellogg School at Northwest University in Chicago would be expected to deliver to the client of a Madison Avenue advertising agency. You get the point! This document, the cover of which is shown in Figure 1, really rocks.