Review: Wireless for Dial Up Users

In November I alerted you to Always On Wireless’ WiFlyer. It is a device a bit larger than a PDA and enables a computer to wirelessly connect to a dial-up connection. DIAL-UP YOU SAY…?
Remember, although millions of businesses are snapping up DSL and cable connections there’s MILLIONS of Americans that still use dial-up as their primary or secondary Internet connection. I have a 1.5MB DSL connection in my office but use a dial-up connection in my home office.
Wiflyer gives the same freedom and flexibility to dial-up users that broadband users often enjoy.
The Wiflyer is simple to use and there’s no software to install. You plug the included power adapter and telephone line into the back of the Wiflyer and then wirelessly connect to the Wiflyer using your computer’s wireless networking connection. Once connected, use your web browser to access Wiflyer’s setup via the provided IP address. Here, you can set your ISP’s telephone number, user name, password and other settings. Now the fun begins. Click “connect” and Wiflyer will dial your ISP and connect to the Internet. When you’re finished click “disconnect”.
I was able to roam through my house and get online with no wires. Oftentimes a telephone cord is plugged into my notebook, but with Wiflyer where I go online in my home (home office) is not an issue.
Wiflyer is a tool that every traveling business person should have in their bag of gadgets and it’s not only a good tool for one’s home office. If you are at a client or partner’s business and you can’t connect to their network via Ethernet or wirelessly, plug the Wiflyer into a free telephone jack and go online.
The Wiflyer is also a low cost way to share your internet connection. More than one computer can wirelessly connect to the Wiflyer and go online!
Although Christmas is over gift giving can go on throughout the year. Pick up a Wiflyer for that special business person in your life.
Cost: $150