RSS – it’s not just for geeks but for news hounds. Get the news delivered right to you.

I have developed my own personal collection of web sites on a web page that let’s me scan them easily and check for news. The problem is, how do I know what the most updated story is unless I check each and every web site? Well RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a growing, free, Internet tool/service that PUSHES new online content to you.
Instead of checking 10 or 1,000 different web sites you can go to one location, your RSS reader (free) and check the headlines and/or full stories from one location.
I use Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client to check my RSS feeds but Yahoo and many other services offer RSS readers also.
Business Week writes If you’re a news junkie, an online auction lover, or someone who wants to know when the latest songs, DVDs, and books are released, here’s a technology that’s perfect for you. Called Really Simple Syndication (RSS), it lets you pull together a list of Web sites you want to follow. So instead of surfing through The New York Times site for news, going to eBay (EBAY ) to track a particular auction, or checking with Apple’s (AAPL ) iTunes to see when a new recording is available, you can get access to all the information through one Web page or download to your computer. The information you get, called a feed, comes to you through a piece of software called a newsreader.