TabletPC’s – Applications are the key

To further the development of TabletPC applications Microsoft hosted a contest for developers. Remember, hardware is relatively easy to make, the key, as happened to the PC in teh 1980’s, is to create software that can power the hardware.
With this in mind Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that New Zealand-based Ambient Design Ltd., creator of ArtRage, is the $100,000 grand prize winner of the Microsoft(R) Tablet PC Does Your Application Think in Ink? contest, a competition challenging developers to utilize the Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition Software Developer Kit (SDK) 1.7 to create new applications or ink-enable existing Windows XP-based applications.
Interest in the contest attracted 260 global submissions from independent software vendors (ISVs) and 12.5 million visitors to the contest Web site from March 22 through Aug. 31, 2004.
“We are very pleased to have the Tablet PC application contest draw such a strong international response from the developer community,” said Frank Gocinski, Tablet PC ISV and business development manager at Microsoft. “The developer community has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and it’s exciting to see them embracing the power of the SDK and its ability to ink-enable new or existing Windows XP-based applications for the Tablet PC.”
The SDK Makes Any Windows XP-Based Application “Write” for Tablet PC
“The Tablet PC is an exciting and inspiring platform to design and develop new applications for,” said Matt Fox-Wilson, a director at Ambient Design. “The unique functionality of the pen-and-ink model, coupled with the easy-to-use SDK, makes it possible for developers to produce a huge range of creative and versatile applications.”
In alphabetical order, the remaining 10 finalists included the following (order does not reflect judging scores):
— Active Ink Form Designer from Active Ink Software Inc.
— eDrawings from SolidWorks Corp.
— EMS Field Bridge from Image Trend Inc.
— MathJournal from xThink Inc.
— OrangeGuava Desktop from OrangeGuava
— PDF Annotator from GRAHL software design
— Pink from XAND Corp.
— SignDoc from SOFTPRO (Software Professional GmbH & Co. KG)
— TalkWrite from Revelation Computing Pty Ltd.
— VisualClip 1.0 for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition from
An in-depth look at the winning contestants, details about the competition and links to the winning applications can be found at the PC Magazine feature article, “Apps That Think in Ink”