Technology: Let Someone Else Take Care of It For You With Managed Services

Manages Services is a service provided by a “managed service provider” wherein they manage one component of, or your entire technology environment. Email, network security, backup and more are all options for managed security services. Managed service provider Compulinx provides one of the most comprehensive solution of services ideal for SMB’s. A lot more on Compulink later on.
SearchSmallbizIt writes Even as SMBs acquire new technologies and business applications, a growing proportion is still frustrated with the escalating complexity and hassles of managing information technology and communications products. Most SMBs don’t have the financial resources to confidently select, effectively implement, properly administer and fully utilize their IT and communications systems.
As a result, SMBs generally don’t get the best performance and ROI from these systems. Instead, SMBs are at the mercy of technology and at risk of disruptions that can harm their business; they have a hard time leveraging their technology investments to achieve their business objectives. This often dampens their interest in buying more technology.
These issues also cause SMB IT professionals to reevaluate their IT suppliers. Rather than rely on traditional suppliers that provide a set of standard products and maintenance services, SMB IT pros are seeking new suppliers that can help reduce the total cost of ownership of their IT operations. They want their suppliers to work proactively to minimize the risk of IT problems that adversely affect their business.