Touch Your Customers (Live) Via Your Web Site

When customers visit your web site don’t you wish there was a way you could reach out and “touch them”. When they click the “buy” button, or have been clicking on several links on your web site – wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to reach out and talk to them?, a web host, does this well by the way
SmartMax, a leading provider of mail server software, announced the launch of SightMax live chat and web monitoring software which gives companies the ability to provide live online customer sales and support directly from their website without the hassle, cost and security issues related to outsource live chat hosting companies. Special introductory pricing and a free 30-day trial are available by visiting
SightMax’s real-time monitoring features allow operators to instantly view all live traffic on their websites and monitor actively-browsed pages. One operator can assist multiple customers in a short period of time, assuring shorter waits and quicker response time to customer queries. SightMax connects customers to representatives who are qualified to answer questions, ensuring quicker, more convenient and successful transactions.
“A business would not operate their retail store front without sales personnel, nor should they operate their website store front without sales representatives,” explains Eric Weber, President of SmartMax.
This unique interaction provides an opportunity not only to meet customer requests, but to offer promotions, products and specials. It’s proven that customers are three times more likely to make a purchase if they have interacted with a live sales representative. “Utilizing a live chat product like SightMax is an essential part of any e-commerce service and marketing strategy,” says Weber. SightMax has already been deployed in fortune 500 companies, prominent higher education Universities and financial institutions, as well as ISP’s offering live chat for their e-commerce customers.
Additionally, there are several other features that separate SightMax from other online website chat systems. “The co-browse and page push features allow operators to simultaneously view the same pages as the customer and direct them to the correct pages, enabling them to walk through the website together,” Weber explains. “This feature is especially helpful when closing sales, as it provides assistance in the shopping cart pages where customers are most likely to have questions.”
All of these services are coupled with the benefits of owning the software and delivering services without the costly monthly fees. As the system is hosted on an existing server, there are no network slow downs or delays associated with operation. As a risk-free trial to new customers, SightMax guarantees immediate increases in online sales, backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.