USB drives – so much variety and expandibility

One of the coolest mobile technologies around are USB devices. These micro technology gizmos are compact, easily connect to your notebook computer and can provide you with additional mobile storage.

USA Today writes USB drives ? most are smaller than my MuVo because they’re strictly for storage ? are the hottest quiet technology around. They’ve caught on in a big way, and it’s easy to see why: They let you carry up to 2 GB of data in a small, tough package that fits on a keychain.
I’m not going to talk here about USB drives in general. They’ve been covered a lot, and Kevin Maney did a great job just a month ago on these very pages. What I think is interesting is where they’re going.
The thing about USB flash drives is they’ve become a commodity. You can buy them just about anywhere, and ? as Kevin pointed out ? they’re even given out as freebies at trade shows. They’re built into Swiss Army knives, wristwatches, and my favorite, a rubber duck.
When something’s built into a rubber duck, it’s a commodity.
But manufacturers don’t like commodities. They like differentiation. Some tout transfer speed, but they’re all pretty quick and that’s hardly a selling point these days. So they’re looking for other ways.