Wal Mart EDI Service Via the Web Available – A relief for SMBs

Many SMBs provide services and products to Wal Mart and this is great for SMBs. HOWEVER, Wal Mart demands that its vendors use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to communicate with Wal Mart as EDI facilitates purchase orders, inventories and etc.
The problem is that EDI can be expensive and difficult for smaller businesses to implement but CovalentWorks announced the expansion of their Wal Mart EDI service via the web for small and mid-sized businesses. Wal Mart requires all of their vendors to have Web EDI capability and to connect directly using the AS/2 communication standard. Many small and mid-sized businesses do not want to incur the expense of doing EDI via AS/2 on their own.
“Vendors need an affordable and easy-to-use capability for exchanging Wal Mart EDI. CovalentWorks’ web EDI service is exactly what they are looking for. Our clients view their orders from anywhere they have web access without installing any software. Wal Mart invoices are automatically generated for them without additional key entry effort.”
CovalentWorks takes care of facilitating the timely delivery of all transactions in compliance with Wal Mart’s unique requirements. One of the most difficult Wal Mart EDI requirements that CovalentWorks handles is the AS/2 connection.
“CovalentWorks makes it easy for suppliers to be in compliance with Wal Mart EDI mandates by managing all of the headaches associated with EDI,” said Steve Brewer, President and CEO of CovalentWorks. “Clients do not have to install any software, buy hardware or have any EDI expertise in-house which gives them more time to focus on growing their business. Suppliers can find out more at http://www.covalentworks.com/edi-walmart.asp.”