Want your web site to grow? LISTEN to your audience like a Chilean newspaper does.

So many businesses build web sites, but do not take the time to understand what their audience wants. They do not care or do not know how to understand their audience – this is why many web sites are not as successful as they could be.

USA Today writes Las Ultimas Noticias (LUN) ó The Latest News ó is Chile’s most widely read newspaper today, setting tongues wagging, talk-show hosts chatting, celebrities and politicians denying, serious folks wailing, and advertisers calling.
No, it’s not a tabloid, insist the employees at the slightly shabby downtown newsroom. Rather, they say, it’s a revolution in journalism, a reader-driven product that reflects the changing values and interests of a postdictatorship public that grew up on a diet of establishment news and now wants more. Or, as some say ó because of the often low-brow content ó less.
This revolution has occurred, says the paper’s publisher Augustine Edwards, thanks to his decision to listen to “the people.” Three years ago, under Edwards’s guidance, LUN installed a system whereby all clicks onto its Web site (www.lun.com) were recorded for all in the newsroom to see. Those clicks ó and the changing tastes and desires they represent ó drive the entire print content of LUN. If a certain story gets a lot of clicks, for example, that is a signal to Edwards and his team that the story should be followed up, and similar ones should be sought for the next day. If a story gets only a few clicks, it is killed. The system offers a direct barometer of public opinion, much like the TV rating system ó but unique to print media.