What differentiates one cell phone carrier from another?

The bars you see on your phone.
When you flip open your phone to dial someone – what do you look at? How many bars are there to determine who strong the connection will be. THIS is the most important factor in determining who your telecommunication carrier should be.

Cingular is working to ensure in malls and elsewhere, and spending $58 million, that when you dial a number on its network you get a strong signal. Of course Verizon is a leading contender in this “can you hear me now” space too.
Cingular is using a system of unobtrusive cell sites located within mall buildings linked to small antennas no larger than smoke detectors located above ceiling tiles to distribute the wireless signal throughout the mall. The result is better signal strength and the ability of more customers to use their Cingular wireless phones.
The build-out program is part of an announced $58 million construction program for 2004, which has added more than 200 new cell sites in Missouri and Kansas.