When selling technology – get a good partner. IBM

(left – Donn B. Atkins, General Manager, Global Business Partners)
Many tech vendors have partner programs but IBM is a stellar example of how to REALLY take care of your partners. IBM’s software and hardware partner programs aggressively court partners and go all out to ensure IBM partners have all the tools and resources they need to sell more to customers.
eWeek writes IBM announced Monday a set of offerings from its Virtual Innovation Center for Hardware, including “how-to” guides and a solution sizing toolkit, all aimed at helping the company’s business partners build and deploy applications on IBM technology.
IBM’s Virtual Innovation Center for Hardware is a portal for IBM business partners where they can receive assistance building, porting and deploying solutions. In addition to the new guides and sizing kit, IBM also has expanded its Virtual Loaner Program to support AIX, Linux and Power5. The program supports application porting, testing and validation support for AIX 5L Version 5.3 and SuSE Linux (SLES9) on Power5, said Adam Tumas, program manager for the Virtual Innovation Center for Hardware.