Wireless HotSpot Finder

Windows XP’s built in Wireless Networking tool works just fine for finding a wireless connection and you can view information you need with it. However, the Seattle Times writes about a $50 tool you can use, even if your computer is not on.

The Seattle Times writes Normally, the only way to find a hotspot is to turn on your portable computer and have it see if it can detect the Wi-Fi signal. That may be a rather large pain, given that it’s not usually that easy to take your laptop out of its case, turn it on, wait for it to boot up and then let it try and detect the signal. Plus, even if you do detect a signal, there’s no guarantee it’s an open hotspot intended for general public access. It’s very possible that you may have stumbled onto a private network where you cannot get online without a password.
What is needed is some kind of detector that not only senses the Wi-Fi signal but can also give you the hotspot’s relevant information. Until now, detectors could only display the presence of the signal and its strength. But the Digital Hotspotter from Canary Wireless (www.canarywireless.com) shows you everything you need to know.