You can’t BUY your way into being an SMB focused company

Many large companies try to emulate Intuit and other very focused SMB companies by buying their way into the SMB leagues. You can’t do that. If your products are complex and hard to use (made for big companies who could throw tons of money into training and consultants), your reseller channel is non existent or BIG BUSINESS focused and your support is expensive and bad – you ARE NOT going to make it as an SMB focused company or even having some products as “SMB” products.

News Factor writes The market for CRM software among small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs) is expected to grow faster than the field in general over the next few years.
Naturally, all software vendors want a piece of the action, and industry bellwether Siebel Latest News about Siebel is no exception. The company has unveiled a multi-pronged initiative to court SMBs, including formation of a new business unit and a global direct-sales model.
However, the program misses the mark, according to AMR Research’s Laura Preslan. SMBs need, before anything else, CRM software that is easy to deploy and easy to use. That, says Preslan, is one of the major areas in which Siebel continues to fall short.