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How to Profit from Online Meetings

Sponsored by GoToMeeting Unless you’ve been living in an ice cave for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of online meetings. Also known as virtual meetings, e-meetings and Web meetings, these innovations in business technology have been growing extremely popular. Why? Because they give business people like you the opportunity to meet with clients, […]

Weak Passwords Make Weak Security

It’s much easier to remember a password like 1234 or your last name or something. Having an easy to remember password, especially for your most secure applications makes them much more vulnerable to being guessed by hackers. To make things easier for the hacker, they are NOT going to manually type in different passes but […]

Microsoft CRM – partners are important

Microsoft CRM version 1.0 has enough holes in it that Microsoft partners are doing well in filling these holes and creating customized solutions for customers. In addition, those customers that want integration with other products can rely on Microsoft partners to do the added work for them. It’s great when software can work right out […]

Are You Effectively Networking Online

Via my online networking I found someone to interview for an upcoming panel I’m moderating; got some legal advice; helped people with computer problems; got advice for a move from NY to NJ; got a partner for a seminar I did last year and so much more. What about you? Are you using online networking […]

Skype’s Free Telephony is Catching On

Last night, someone who is NOT a techie said to me, do you use Skype? With shock I said I didn’t use it but of course knew about it. More and more business people are leveraging Skype, the telephone-call-via-the-internet phone service that has a free and fee based version. Calls from one Skype user to […] is buying a SECOND Super Bowl Ad

I just finished meeting with Bob Parsons, Founder and CEO of internet services company There’s SO much GoDaddy is doing and I’ll be sharing details with you next week. However, look for to be showing not ONE but TWO SuperBowl advertisements – the launch of a huge national marketing campaign. The first for […]

A Simple Solution to Reducing Spam

Did you know that YOU could be one of the biggest sources of spam? Unfortunately there is little you can do to protect current email addresses that are being spammed, but future (new) email addresses – there’s a lot you can do. When you publish your email address on a web site, spammers can copy […]

Blogs, OpenSource – SMBs are taking an interest

Blogging, OpenSource, VOIP and similar “cutting” edge technologies start out as the prime domain for geeks and companies leading their firms in harnessing technology as a tool to grow their businesses. However, increasingly smaller businesses are realizing that these technologies are NOT just for larger businesses or geeks but for THEM. Unfortunately blogging is still […]

NetSuite – Smoke & Mirrors or Sustainability

In the February 2005 issue of Inc Magazine, Rob Turner gives a substantive overview of Larry Ellison’s (CEO of Oracle) investments in three companies: NetSuite, and Oracle’s own Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition. NetSuite has had meteoric rise of success, having reached No. 12 on the Inc 500, with a four year growth of […]