Ebay price hike proofing your Ebay business

There are some things you can control (like customer service and marketing) and some things you cannot control (like Ebay raising prices).
When a company you rely on to be a conduit for sales decides to raise its listing and monthly store prices what can you do?
Sure, fight to get eBay to lower prices but you can also ensure you make your online business that much better.
The Associated Press writes EBay outlined the increase in a terse e-mail on Wednesday to all buyers and sellers, including small business owners who hawk clothing, electronics and other low-margin commodities.
“It seems as though the larger eBay becomes, the more greedy they become,” said Lynette McDonald of Alton, Ill., who has sold Barbie and baby clothes on eBay since 2001. She says she may close her eBay store entirely because of the fee hikes or raise prices she changes buyers.
Starting Feb. 18, eBay said the monthly subscription fee for people who operate “Basic eBay Stores” will increase from $9.95 to $15.95.
The fee for a standard listing of 10 days will double, from 20 cents to 40 cents.

While many eBay sellers are rightfully complaining they also must focus on their business and ensure they are doing all they can to ensure customers continue to buy from them and that the sellers let their customers know that eBay is raising fees.
Here’s a few things eBay sellers can do:
1. Send thank you notes via email to each customer, each time they make a sale.
2. Once per year send a paper, yes regular mail, card or letter to all customers
3. Ensure you answer each customer inquiry in a timely fashion
4. Make sure each customer is VERY happy with your sales
5. Ask each of your customers to refer you to 3 of their friends/colleagues