For All You Cell Phone People: Back it up

If you are going to use your cell phone a lot and need it to keep phone numbers and other contact information YOU MUST BACK IT UP.
The New York Times had a story today about Sally Falkow, founder, Falkow Inc., a Web content and Internet marketing strategy firm in Pasadena, Calif. She lost her cell phone in an airport and panicked because all the numbers she needed for the trip were on the cell phone.
The New York Times writes I’m not prone to panic attacks, but this put me right into one. I would not be able to call the organizers of the conference in Florida where I was going to speak. I needed the phone number of a prospective client so I could arrange a meeting the next morning. I had to arrange a pass into the conference for her so she could attend my session. I also had the number of a journalist who wanted to interview me. I absolutely had to find my phone.