Gateway – TOP NOTCH Support. Still Great After All These Years.

Over the past few days I’ve noticed the bulb on my “no longer in production” Gateway projector was getting dimmer and dimmer then bright again.
I searched all over the place for this out of production unit so I could know what bulb to purchase. I did a Google search and all the “projector this and that dot-com” places didn’t have Gateway listed as a data projector vendor.
So I couldn’t find the bulb as I had not clue what Gateway projector I even had (for some reason there is no model number or serial number on this unit!)
Well I turned to the source I should have turned to in the first place – Gateway. I went to their online support chat forum in the afternoon of 31 December 2005 (Saturday) and after a 20 minute wait was quickly directed to the exact bulb I needed by the online sales rep.
This proves once again, that Gateway’s support is VERY good. I remember calling them a few years ago for someone who had an OLD Gateway desktop. The Gateway technician was able to quickly give me the information I needed, even for the “old” Gateway desktop.
When you buy from a company, it’s not only important what they can do for you NOW, but also what they can do for you YEARS from now.