Google drops the price on search

Google is not only the king of online search but also makes appliances that enable companies to search their own networks for documents. These appliances can index from 150,000 to 15 million documents and cost from $32,000 to $500,000.
Google is set to release a lower cost appliance costing $5,000 that can index 50,000 documents reports USA Today.
USA Today writes While it caters to smaller companies, Google also has upgraded its search software for bigger organizations. The upgrades include the power to pore through the information stored on databases and more flexibility with computer security systems.
“We want to make it so all companies can have their own private Google (search engines),” Girouard said. “Most employees already love using Google in other parts of their lives, so when a company brings us in, it’s a move usually met with great applause and cheers.”