Handmark & Blackberry – a new suite of applications

I’ve been doing some reading about BlackBerry for an upcoming article in New York Enterprise Report and was pleased to read that Handmark, a developer and publisher of software for mobile devices, announced the availability of the Handmark Pocket Express(R) suite of seven wireless services for BlackBerry(R) developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Pocket Express is a service that enhances the value of BlackBerry handhelds through fast and easy access to news, stocks, sports, weather, movies, maps, directory search, and driving directions.
Handmark Pocket Express service will be available later this month as a download directly to ten color display BlackBerry models including: BlackBerry 7100(TM), BlackBerry 7210(TM), BlackBerry 7230(TM), BlackBerry 7280(TM), BlackBerry 7290(TM), BlackBerry 7510(TM), BlackBerry 7520(TM), BlackBerry 7730(TM), BlackBerry 7750(TM), and BlackBerry 7780(TM). Through its tight integration with the built-in features of BlackBerry devices, Pocket Express can achieve download speeds up to 70 times faster than conventional mobile web browsers.
According to Ron Rosberg, San Francisco-based radio personality and Chief Technologist for EarlyAdopters.com, “As a technology consultant, reviewer and commentator, I am continually testing and reviewing all kinds of high-tech products and services for public and corporate audiences. There is no mobile product or service that I use more frequently than Handmark Pocket Express.”
“Pocket Express is a natural fit for BlackBerry,” said Douglas Edwards, Handmark vice president. “As thousands of existing subscribers have already discovered, Pocket Express is an immensely valuable tool for both personal and business uses.”
Pocket Express is a subscription-based service costing less than $7 per month. Using the service, subscribers can look up a restaurant or movie time, find the address, locate it on a map, then create turn-by-turn directions to the destination. Pocket Express also displays Doppler weather radar images, news stories in nine different categories, NCAA basketball scores and schedules, and much more.