How light can you travel?

(photo credit – Marko Georgiev for The New York Times) Craig Ellison, director of operations for PC Magazine Labs, travels well outfitted with portable electronic devices that help him stay connected.
Depending on what I’m doing when I travel my “tech” travel weight can be quite heavy. Day to day, I only take my Gateway M320 notebook computer and Palm Tungsten E PDA. This does not include the notebook’s adapter and USB cable for the PDA.
But what if I’m going to be gone for days and want to do some video work? Well there goes the digital camera, digital video camera (JVC), Maxtor 80GB external hard disk, tripod, MINIDVC tapes, PDA adapter, various wires, USB port, CD+RW CDs, USB thumb drive and whatever else I can get my hands on that I need.
The NY Times writes that there’s several tools a traveler could take with them to enhance their computing experience. Of course these extra things will add more weight, but include:
– DC to AC power converter for air planes
– igo Juice power adapter fur use with charging multiple devices
– thumb drive
– cable lock to secure your notebook
– WiFi signal finder (you don’t have to take our and boot up your notebook just to find a signal)
– wireless travel router (access the ‘net from anywhere in a hotel room)