How to get rid of your computer the right way

It’s now 2005 and you’ve got a brand new computer – what do you do with the old one if you don’t need it. You can donate it to one of several non-profit organizations such as the National Cristina Foundation (, which channels used equipment to people with disabilities and at-risk students.
You could also have a computer vendor such as Gateway, Dell or HP take your computer for a small fee, They will often do more than just take the computer away but enable you to “trade-up” as well. The NY Times writes If getting rid of clutter happens to be one of your New Year’s resolutions, nothing will clear up a few cubic feet of space like getting an old computer, monitor or printer out the door.
In most cases, selling that antique hardware to a friend, co-worker or eBay user won’t be an option — computers lose their value faster than almost any other manufactured product in history. Just tossing them in the trash isn’t a good idea either: Most computing gear contains such toxic components as lead, mercury and cadmium.