How to Profit from Online Meetings

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Unless you’ve been living in an ice cave for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of online meetings. Also known as virtual meetings, e-meetings and Web meetings, these innovations in business technology have been growing extremely popular.
Why? Because they give business people like you the opportunity to meet with clients, prospects and employees quickly and efficiently – without having to get on a plane or drive across town. This means you can quickly realize tremendous savings on two very important assets: time and travel costs.
The key is the Internet. Using this amazing medium, you can be anywhere, anytime you want. The problem is, many online meeting services can be difficult to use. Or expensive. Or filled with so many bells and whistles they actually bog down your presentation, causing frustration for you and your attendees.
GoToMeetingĂ´ is completely different. This state-of-the-art solution is engineered with elegant simplicity. The result: fast, cost-effective meetings. In a recent survey, 98% of the respondents said they were satisfied with GoToMeeting and nearly 8 out of 10 said they would renew their subscriptions.
With GoToMeeting, you can:
– Present to clients, prospects or leads, and dramatically reduce your sales cycle
– Hold product demos with new customers to show them exactly how your new device works
– Perform “good as there” training sessions that save hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars in travel costs
– Collaborate online with colleagues to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations – and get work done faster
Here’s what companies like yours have achieved with GoToMeeting:
“GoToMeeting has helped us close at least 10% more sales per month.
That’s nearly $400,000 in recurring revenue.”
— David Flook, Partner, CheckPoint HR
“GoToMeeting increased our sales by 20%,
or about $500,000 a year.”
— Stephen Zielinski, Director of Technical Support, TyMetrix
Best of all, GoToMeeting’s flat-fee pricing model is an industry first and provides organizations with a tremendous ROI. With GoToMeeting, you can meet as much as you want – for as long as you want – for one low flat rate.
To learn more about GoToMeeting, you can try it free. Think of it as a test drive. To get started, simply click here. There’s no cost or obligation to discover how easy online meetings can be.