HP can help you test RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is going to be used more and more by retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies and others. Wal-Mart is one marquee named giant who is leading the charge with its suppliers.
Before you dive into RFID and make costly mistakes its best to test your implementation and ensure RFID will work for you.
HP can help. It is opening up a Nebraska laboratory for its customers.
News Factor writes “The new lab will enable manufacturers and retailers to verify their RFID specifications as well as test equipment, such as tags, readers and storage technology,” HP spokesperson Dayna Fried told News Factor.
HP will conduct demonstrations and proof-of-concept projects for companies and will work with vendors that bring their RFID gear to the lab, she said. “And, as new technology emerges, we will have it available at the facility.”
To accurately simulate a manufacturing and distribution center, the lab features a “racetrack” conveyor belt capable of reaching speeds up to 600 feet per minute and equipped with cases of consumer products with a maximum weight of 50 pounds and case volume size of two cubic feet.