Intuit’s Turbo Tax: LISTENS and ACTS when its customers speak

A member of a business discussion list I actively participate in wrote the following story, of how a BIG company listens to its customers.
Last year I had a horrible experience dealing with Turbo Tax tech support. Some of the advice I got to resolve the problems I encountered included, and I quote:
“Delete the firewall. Delete the antivirus program.”
That was in response to a problem I was having downloading a file. As you all hopefully know, that was extremely dangerous advice. Luckily I am not a computer novice, so I knew better. But lots of folks out there would not know that was dangerous and bad advice and might have followed it.
Since Turbo Tax support is by on-line “chat” only, I saved the transcripts of my sessions, and I forwarded them to the attention of the President of Turbo Tax with my comments. He assured me that he would reevaluate the offshore technical support. That was during tax season of 2004 (for tax returns of 2003).

Fast forward to this week. I dropped him a note and asked if the support was still offshore. I received the following response from the VP in charge of Turbo Tax:
“We discontinued all technical support from India in September of last year. Our technical support centers for TurboTax are now in Tucson, Rochester, Syracuse and a smaller operation in Ste St Marie, Canada.”
So if you encounter problems with technical support in other companies, make your voice heard. Sometimes, management listens.

It is heartening to know that Intuit, the company Scott Cook built (bottom) STILL listens to its customers after all these (20) years.