Moving data from an old PC to new PC

One of the joys of getting a brand new computer is the speed increase and “new car” freshness you get with a new computer. But the problem you may face, and one I DREAD, is moving your old programs and files to the new computer. If it was just a matter of reinstalling programs from their original CD’s and then copying over files using a network or storage device, even that would not be SO hard. But you cant’ just copy files and programs. Many times they have to be done a certain way as there are configuration issues, and programs will not work right if files are note copied correctly.

If you are copying files from a Windows XP PC to another XP PC the process can be made simple using Windows XP’s automated file transfer tool but it does not copy programs, says Kim Komando. Instead she advises The best-known program for migrating data is Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control (; $69.95). It includes a USB cable to connect the two computers. Alohabob transfers programs, in addition to data, files and Windows settings.
Move Me (; $39.95) also handles a full move. IntelliMover (; $49.95) and Desktop DNA Professional (ca.; $39) move data and settings but will not transfer programs. IntelliMover includes cables.
Transferring programs is problematic. Programs install small parts of themselves throughout the Windows operating system. If one file is not copied, the program may run improperly or not at all. That’s why it’s best to reinstall programs on the new system, rather than copy them over.
If all of this sounds daunting, take it to a shop. The store where the computer was bought might cut you a deal. Expect to pay less than $100. Some technicians will come to your home and transfer everything. But that will be more expensive.