– What PC World is not delivering

My Software Library is a new, one-stop to learn and shop web site geared toward those who are not very computer literate.
Suzanne Boben, founder of My Software Library, said, “We want people to feel they have a resource center that covers all their needs and interests. We’ll be covering many key topics and providing software reviews and editors picks from our own extensive library of over 15,000 products.”
At My Software Library, you’ll find many of the world’s top software titles all in one spot. Categories span everything from accounting to utilities. “In conjunction with our resource center, the online store provides an easy place to purchase the titles we discuss in the library. Once you decide what you need, we can serve it up via a download in a matter of minutes” said, Suzanne Boben.
And tracking your online orders? “We keep track of those for you. All your online orders will be accessible via our convenient Customer Service Center so you’ll never lose track of your online purchases again.”
I asked Suzanne why consumers could not look to PC World, CNet and other sites for thousands of product reviews and then buy their products from a retailer like CDW, PC Mall, CompUSA etc.
She replied Well, in one respect, the answer to your question is nothing. I will be offering the same kind of information any person could find at the sources you list. However, what differentiates me from the others is that I will be writing my content for those who do not have the same kind of computing context that visitors of PC World have.
My intention here is to create a site that caters to the kind of folks who don’t even realize sites like PC World exist. These are people who own computers, but aren’t technically savvy and don’t spend a lot of time reading about the latest trends online.
They do, however, require the same kind of virus protection as the rest of us – and they’re probably just as annoyed with all the spam. To a certain extent, they must participate in the online world, yet that can be intimidating and overwhelming when the computer is not an integral part of your daily life.
Having spent the last 20 years in the computing industry, I know how frustrating maintaining a computer can be for these folks. I intend to build a library full of articles specific to their needs and written in such a way that doesn’t require much
context. Not to mention, the library portion will definitely be helpful to those of us who are also supporting the computers our parents use. Many times I’ve had to write up instructions (with screenshots) so that my parents could fix or configure something by themselves. The store aside, if this portion of the site becomes very popular, I will be highly satisfied with the effort.
The store itself is just another way to make the whole experience complete for my audience – it’s about convenience. Learn something, then, if you need it (or just want it), go get it at the store. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee – something that my audience will find reassuring and I’m backed by a customer service center runs 24×7, 365 days a year. I know a number of the folks there personally.