Need Remote Access – try a VPN

VPNs provide employees with secure access to the data on their corporate networks.
If you are in a hotel or at home, you could connect to your company’s network via a VPN, then open up Word Perfect and access the “B:\” drive (or whatever network drive you access at work), just like you would at work using a VPN solution.
Some VPN solutions require you to install software on each users computer, F5 Network’s solution does not require this at all.
F5 Networks has launched a simplified version of its Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) solution FirePass(r) Controller, designed exclusively for small to medium businesses (SMBs). The new FirePass 600 system, which can handle up to 25 concurrent sessions, enables companies, with dozens to hundreds of employees to easily and cost-effectively offer the same enterprise-class secure remote access employed by large global organizations.
Companies that deploy a VPN solution can provide fast, secure connectivity to the network, enabling employees to access files, e-mail or any application anywhere, any time. F5’s solution enables rapid installation and streamlined maintenance, freeing them from complex and time-consuming management tasks; keeping a lid on expenses.
FirePass 600 Series platforms provide numerous capabilities and benefits, including: Rapid Installation and Simple Management – FirePass 600 Series devices feature a plug-n-play architecture that enables deployment in as little as 30 minutes. Companies do not have to install and manage software on every PC or device in the field and require no costly technical expertise for setup and management. Network managers have complete control over who gets access to data when and where.
Reliable Access – The FirePass 600 platform provides network level access and supports up to 25 concurrent users (and hundreds of users), offering anywhere access to corporate networks via a web browser. The solution eliminates the need for IPSec, which can be complex to setup, expensive to maintain, and unpredictable when working from third party sites, such as hotels.
High Performance – FirePass compresses network traffic, speeding page-load times, improving access speeds and enhancing productivity.
End-To-End Security – FirePass provides complete security, from integrity checking of user devices to authentication, data encryption and removal of confidential information on the client device at the end of the session.
FirePass 600 Series products are available now, with prices set at US$3,995 (list) for 10 concurrent users and US$5,495 for 25 concurrent users. A 15 concurrent user upgrade option is available for US$1,995. FirePass service contracts start at US$645. For more information on FirePass 600 products, visit htp://