Notebook computer chips get an upgrade

Although fancy PDAs and BlackBerry’s are common tools for businesses, the notebook computer is THE tool that everyone who travels must have.
My Gateway M320 works just fine and is filled with USB ports. In another year, I would like to upgrade to a lighter notebook that’s 3-4lbs.
Intel’s Centrino line of mobile chips (get more info from INTEL here) includes built in wireless support, enables longer battery life and overall lighter notebook designs.
Look for a revamped Centrino line coming to a new notebook near you soon.
Cnet writes The chipmaker unveiled on Wednesday a new version of its Centrino chip family for notebooks, a recipe it aims to use to boost the performance of lightweight wireless notebooks–mainly machines that weight about 5 or 6 pounds–making them more useful as everyday computers.
NewsFactor writes Intel has unveiled its next-generation Centrino mobile processor Latest News about Processors platform featuring a number of improvements on a product that gained a strong following among notebook PC Latest News about PC manufacturers and represents a new strategy by the chip Latest News about Chip giant.
Upgrades to the Centrino, comprising a Pentium M processor with a wireless Latest News about wireless component and chipset, include a faster front-side bus (up to 533 MHz from 400 MHz), a new chipset, and broader support for Wi-FI local area network standards, company spokesperson Barbara Grimes told NewsFactor. “This brings laptops to the desktop performance level,” she said.