Office Phones: Some Companies are Getting Rid of Them

Employees are used to having a phone at their desk. All the phones usually look the same and have a range of features, not to mention internal calling and other features.
However, with more and more employees often out of the office it might make sense for you to consider getting rid of your traditional telephone system in favor of cellular phones.
This solution might not work for most of your employees but for those often out of the office you can establish a virtual telephone system and use cellphones.
USA Today writes “I wouldn’t say it’s a widespread trend, but clearly we’re moving in the direction where wireless is invading the fixed space,” says Eugene Signorini, who follows wireless trends for the Yankee Group, a technology consulting firm. Ford plans to start removing desktop phones by the end of March for the first wave of the 8,000 engineers who received their new cell phones, says Jackie Shuk, Ford’s manager of product operations.
Connected to a virtual telephone/operating system such as Virtual PBX your employees probably will not miss the perceived comforts of a PBX style telecommunication system.