Programmers are the key to Palmsource’s success

There’s two elements to a software company. One: People have got to know about your product and use it. Two: Like Intuit, Microsoft and other companies, there has to be more than just your product – you need add-on solutions to foster a larger market and need for your product.
For example, sure there is Windows, but if it were just the Windows Operating system many of Microsoft’s competition would still be around (OS/2 for example). However, with an Office Suite and thousands of other Windows based programs there’s a whole market of “Windows” based products.
News Factor writes Although PalmSource will build on the strengths in its current product lineup, the company probably will expand its efforts into new product directions.
“PDAs suffer from a lack of interest,” IDC analyst Alex Slawsby told NewsFactor. “People are much more interested in higher-end cell phones Latest News about cell phones for functionality.”
Because of this, PalmSource may transition away from PDAs and into voice-enabled products, which would entail a broader range of devices.
If it expands its OS into more product types, Slawsby believes that the company will benefit from its reputation. “Palm has a strong heritage, especially because the PalmOS is very easy to use,” he said. “If they go to new places, that will be important if they want to succeed.”