Protecting Your Domain Name: More Lessons from

I reported to you earlier that New York ISP had its domain name switched last week to another ISP in Australian.
Unfortunately Panix did everything they could do to ensure their domain name was secure – the domain name registrar goofed.
Small Business Pipeline writes Details are unclear at this point, but the story so far suggests that Panix took all the appropriate precautions in advance to protect themselves. Yet the hijacking happened anyway. Existing safeguards designed to stop domain hijacking simply did not work.
MelbourneIT would not comment on the matter, but interviews with security experts and published reports suggest that the hacker took the domain with a very unsophisticated attack. The attacker simply used normal registration procedures and a stolen credit card to claim with a MelbourneIT registrar reseller.
Panix’s official statement on the hijacking notes that MelbourneIT “failed to do proper confirmation of a fraudulent domain transfer request they received.”