Replace or Upgrade Your PC: TechTarget Has Answers

As you PCs age and you realize they can’t run the latest and greatest software, you’ve got to consider if you should buy new computers or upgrade the ones you have.
Tech Target writes Your computers need change. Your business grows and adds people, and you buy new computers. Technological progress, Moore’s Law and ever-falling component prices combine to make it nearly impossible that the machine bought today will be identical to the same brand and model number that you bought a year ago. With product lifetimes of just six months, the availability of machines meeting your specifications (whatever those specs are) changes from week to week.
No matter how carefully you plan for growth and change, within a short time you’ll end up supporting many different PC configurations. But when existing workers or a group needs newer (faster, bigger, smaller, more powerful, lighter, quieter, insert-your-own-adjective-here) PCs, you face a major question:
Do you simply buy new machines, especially at the never-lower prices of current commodity PCs? Or, does it make sense to upgrade existing systems (more memory, greater disk storage, new optical drives, faster graphics or even more powerful CPUs) without throwing out what you’re already using? (end of post) Read the entire TechTarget article here