Retailers: Print signage without leaving your store

An important part of any retail location is signage. If you sell cabbage you’ve got to tell your customers how much it costs. If you have a sale for a week – you need new signage to reflect the new prices. Maybe you sell flowers. Well you need signage for the prices. What about price changes for those flowers? You’ll need signs for that too.
Many retailers have to do their printing at a commercial printer, not only can it be costly but you might need signage faster and with more flexibility than your printer can produce.
What can you do?
Okidata has a new solution for retailers: Color Signage Solution that enables retail customers to produce a full range of professional-quality signage and materials in-store.
With the signage capabilities from Oki Data, retailers can generate new materials on a wide variety of media immediately in their stores. That capability can effectively eliminate the 3- to 10-day lead time often required for hard-copy materials to be printed outside the store and shipped.
As part of the Color Signage Solution, Oki Data also offers its OKI Signage Media Collection, which includes a variety of specially developed media to support creative, profitable signage campaigns. The media collection includes popular formats, including card stock up to 203 gsm, cling film, 4-up labels, shelf strips, table tents, and premium gloss paper. Oki Data also offers banner paper, which at 47.4 inches x 12.9 inches, is the industry’s longest banner media. The OKI Signage Media Collection, in conjunction with the Color Signage Solution, provides a significantly lower cost per print versus typically outsourced, short print production runs. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure excellence when used for printing signage. Moreover, OKI is certified to handle numerous other varieties of signage media.
For very large print jobs, like over 10,000 or even over 5,000 in many cases, it might make sense to go to a commercial printer as prices for larger jobs will be about the same or even less when printing in-store or out. But for smaller jobs – like 300 signs for a new sale on pickles – printing in your store could cost much less.